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Search for City Parking Permits

Enter information below to search the Salt Lake City's Parking permit database. Permits can be searched for by group lookup by selecting any of the following: 

        • General Search 
        • Search by Address 
When searching for an Address, minimal entries will result in better searches.


Entering 633 for a street number will result in all addresses where 633 is associated with the search. You can then pick the correct address.

Entering 600 S instead of 600 South displays more results.

Note on General Searches
 - If your search does not return any information, delete your input then change to a new group to search. For example, if your first search is by Permit number, delete the input before searching by Address.
 - The search criteria can be any of the available fields or several fields that would indicate a search such as "Permit Number".

General Search

Enter your issued City Permit Parking Number such as PRK2011-99999. This number appears on your renewal notification just above your name and address.
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